Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Barbara Walters


Dear Barbara Walters ,
While driving home from work yesterday, I heard on the radio that you were still chastising Whoopi and Joy for walking off the set while listening to the hatred that Puke O'Reilly was spewing.  They had every right to walk off the set.  If I had been in the audience during that show, I myself would have stood up, flipped him off while screaming swear words, and walked out of the show.

Why you continue to bring Puke on your show year after year sickens me.  Luckily I DVR the show so that I can fast forward through lowlifes like him.

I have raised my kids to stand up for their rights.  That is how I see Whoopi and Joy handled the situation.  Instead of sitting there taking his hatred, they got up and walked off.  Too bad you don't share their passion for the rights of ALL people.  I'm afraid if you were being force fed with a spoon of puke, you would just sit there with a big ole smile on your face.  (oh wait, you were)

In the future, if you continue to bring that filth on the show, maybe just you and Elizabeth should be the only ones interviewing him.  We all know that she agrees with his views.  Or better yet, don't bring him on the show.  You play right into his hands.  He loves to piss people off.  He loves to spread his hate. 

Give it a rest on chastising them.  They didn't want to get is a pissing match with a Pukestain.  I am completely on their side.