Friday, December 24, 2010

And So It Is Finally Christmas

 It is 6:23 PM, Christmas Eve.  Life is soooo different when you don't have any kids living at home.  Well, I kind of do, as they live in the basement, but they are their own family.  Me and hubby are just hanging out, doing our own thing.  Him napping, me sitting at my laptop. 

I remember when my kids were little.  We would have Christmas Eve dinner.  It was always the way we did it.  After cleaning up, we would get in the car and go in search of neighborhoods that had cool christmas lights. After we got home we would let them open their brother/sister gifts.  That was always fun.  One year my oldest son bought his sister a can of hairspray.  I didn't even remember that till she brought it up to him on facebook the other day.  

I am grateful that I won't be getting up at the crack of dawn in the morning.  Unless I hear the pitter patter of little feet running into our room to show us what Santa left.  I am grateful that my granddaughter that was diagnosed with asthma finally had a night of uninterrupted sleep.  I am grateful for all my kids and the joy they bring to me. 

A great big Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends.  You are all the best authors I have ever read.  And the best part is the "book" is neverending.  Always a brand new chapter to read. 

Sleep tight, Santa's on his way.