Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 12.19.10

 I am loving doing Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Sometimes the pictures are really hard to come up with.  I watch for things all week.  This weeks prompts were much easier.  Thanks again Ashley for letting me have fun with the camera.
This was our first big snow storm.  It was on November 23, 2010.  We got over 8" that day. 

Remember When

Remember in September when the mountain that we live on was on fire?  Every time I look at this picture I can smell the fire, see the ash, remember not being home when they evacuated our street, having a police escort to my house to get my insulin, spending the next 24 hours at my sons house, who was only about 4 blocks from being evacuated.  Yeah, good times. 
 BW with Selective Coloring
This is our mountain, which is a lovely shade of black now.  I know that I'm supposed to do a better job of the select color, but I thought this picture was perfect.  The mountain was black, the snow was white and the few trees that survived added just a bit of color.  All without having to go in and tweak the picture.

The Wind
What better way to show off the wind, but with the American Flag.  We are expecting a storm today, so getting this picture yesterday was awesome.  Wind is very hard to depict.  Just sayin.

 We got this cute family tree at Taipan Trading Company.  I loved it because we like to do things a little bit different.  
If you haven't played along with this meme, and you love to take pictures, you should really try it. 
Next weeks subjects:
2.Motion Blur
3.Pretty Package