Monday, December 27, 2010

My Laminated List

You all know me.  If I am scanning the blogs that I follow, and they happen to have a meme that I want to link up with, I do.  I'm kind of a dork that way. 
Today on Midwest MOMments, she is running her laminated list.  You know, those celebs that are on your list of "whom you would kiss, and would be allowed to kiss by your hubby/wife", (thanks hon) if you ever had the chance.  And yes, hubby has a list too.  So don't you get all "that's disgusting" with me.  Cuz we all know, I'm not your normal gal.  I'm pretty disgusting most the time.  And that's why you read me, admit it.
She asked who our top 10 were.  Ummm, I had a hard time coming up with 8, so that will have to do.  Should we begin?
Numero Uno
Boyfriend Shemar Moore
(heart palpitations)
Please, please call me babygirl.  Damn Garcia.  You get all the fun
 Number 2 on my list.  Christopher Meloni aka Elliot.   Have you seen the muscles on this guy.  Oh my.  And don't ya just love it when there is sexual tension between characters.  Him and Olivia, two of my favorite characters with that tension.
 Number 3 is actually Number 3 and 4.  Brad Pitt I would kiss.  He's just hot.  Unless he has that really strange beard thing he had going last year, then not some much.  And yes, I would totally kiss Angelina, she is number 4.  Anyone that can look that good pregnant is hot in my book.  Of course, there is you diehards that think she is satans mistress since he left Jennifer Aniston for her.  I would leave Jennifer for her too.  Got it.  mmkkk
 Number 5.  Mark Harmon aka Gibbs.  He has definitely gotten better looking with age.  Didn't do much for me when he was younger, but now, hubba hubba.  And Abby is my favorite character on NCIS.  I love how he is like a father figure to her. 
 Number 6.  Denzel Washington.  I especially think he is hot with the 5 o'clock shadow going.  I liked him before John Q.  But omg, when a man can cry over the love of his child, I even loved him more. 
Number 7.  Robert Redford.  My friend Pam is always telling me that she has seen him in person and he is short and ugly.  So, he was hot at one point in his life.  And when he played in the Horse Whisperer, mega hot.  K.  I'd kiss him. 

 Number 8.  Neil Diamond.  I know that a lot of you are scratching your heads right now, wondering if I have gone over the deep end.  First of all, he is dark like my hubby.  I also think this man has aged beautifully.  Have you seen him man in concert?  Oh my.  I have, and was close enough to the stage that I was giddy with excitement.  And when he sang You Don't Bring Me Flowers, and kissed a lady in the audience, I was so jealous.  Best concert ever!!!
There you have it.  My top 8 people that I would kiss.  Or whatever.  I kid, I kid.  Geez.