Thursday, December 16, 2010

Field Trip - Christmas Trees and Such

Twas the week before Christmas with permission slips in hand
We loaded the buses to see our great land.
The readers were nestled and snug on their seats
Waiting for Dazee to hand out their treats.
Nuff of the rhyming, lets get this field trip on the road.  Hope you are dressed warmly because most of our trip will be on the bus.
First stop, Christmas tree lot. 
For all you Mountain Dew lovers, we have your tree of choice.  Notice how the cans show more than just the green tree.  It even has some colors for more appeal.
 I know this was a big hit a few years back, but what the hell.  ummm, the only thing I could even say positive about this look is that it would be easier to put the presents "under" the tree?  I'd also be afraid that sucker would be falling on my head, aa-la Christmas Vacation.  Just sayin.
 Lastly we have the tree with all of your leftover bicycle rims.  A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in the winter tree lot land. 
Back on the bus.  We are now going to make a stop at the Christmas hat store.  Billy, stop picking on the girls.  errrrrr
For all of you that really want to stand out at your company parties, IF you are having a company party, this is the hat for you.  Nothing says, I've got the spirit like a lighted Christmas tree hat.  That, or, you had a little bit too much "spirits" beforehand. :)
 What's that you say?  You don't want to wear the whole tree, well then, this is the one for you.  For that last strand of lights that just wouldn't fit on the tree, it makes a fine, "I'm here with bells on my fingers and rings on my toes" kind of hat.  By the way, what kind of weird quotation is that?  Yikes.
 You want a Santa hat, but you want it a little bit different?  How about this springy number.  I think I'll take the springy one Alex.
Oh my goodness, who had it in them to design and get this one ready?  I could see a whole contest going on in the city of Salt.  You know how the schools put their initial on the mountains?  Get them to do a lighted tree on their mountain.  It would be all sorts of awesome.  Oops, I forgot, not all of you have mountains where you live.  My bad.
How about you just don't want a tree in your abode, but you are throwing a party?  I've got the answer for you.  This fine outstanding christmas tree costume.  Of course, you will have to get somebody dumb worthy enough to wear it and be able to stand for long hours without a potty break.  Other draw back, said person might step on presents that are brought for you.  Maybe not such a good idea.
Just had to throw this house in here on the trip because, well, it's shaped like a tree, wearing sunglasses.  That's right boys and girls, I'm thinking you could go hog wild decorating this thing for christmas.  Good thing there is a stop sign in front of it.  That way people won't be wrecking taking a look.
Last, but certainly not least, a learning moment for us all.  Santa honey.  It's called a restroom, please use it.  Thanks.
You were all so good on this field trip.  Collect your candy cane as you exit the bus.

Until next time,