Saturday, December 4, 2010

Commenters Rock!!

The question was asked in my post last night, if anyone knew what shine-o-la meant. First of all, I spelled it wrong, but I'm hooked on phonics. :)
Pearl, over at Pearl-Why You Little stumbled into my blog last night.  First of all, what took her so long, second, I hope she didn't get hurt, and third, I'm glad that she did.  Here is the comment she left.
"Funny, I just stumbled in here, but Shinola was a dark brown shoe polish ages ago. And shit is, well, shit. So the saying was "you don't know shit from Shinola", implying of course that you wouldn't know the difference between the two and are a sucker."

Oh and google being my best friend and all had this fine picture

One more thing, just in case you didn't know, Christmas is 3 weeks from today.  I really need to get my shopping done.