Saturday, December 11, 2010

The End Of Something Good

Yesterday as I was walking out of my office to throw out my cup of ice, I was escorted by a mouse.  Screaming ensued.  Followed by running in place.  Silly co-workers thinking I just dropped ice down my shirt.  Yeah, cuz I do that often.  NOT.  Anyscreaminglater, good thing it was my early day to go home, because I would have been out of there.  Hate mice, you know it.
But I digress.  This post is not about mice.  This is about an end of an era.  Yesterday my son gave his 2 weeks notice.  Because he is going to work for a competitor, yesterday was his last day.  I have worked with him for 7 years.  I can't believe it's been that long.  He started between his junior and senior year and has worked full time since graduating.  I will truly miss having him around.
But he is not the first child of mine to work with me.  My daughter would come to work with me when she was a teenager.  That developed into a full time job after her graduation.  Then she got transferred to a different location and then found a different job.  :(
Her husband was working nights, and it wasn't a good thing for a young, newlywed couple, so I pulled some more strings and helped him get hired on at a different location altogether.  Then I was fired laid off and went to work for the company I'm at now.  My boss had met my son-in-law and wanted him to come to work there, made him an offer he couldn't refuse and so he did.  He also has moved on to bigger and better things. :(
Next came my middle son.  He also was working a skewumpus schedule as a produce guy.  Needed a change and came and applied where I work.  Got hired.  Was a dang hard worker, heard about a position at one of the manufacturers that we buy stuff from, and moved on and away from me.  :(
Then we have my newest daughter-in-law.  Her sister works for one of our customers.  About 2-1/2 years ago she asked me if we were possibly hiring for office help.  I had her come in and talk to the boss.  Then I bothered him to death till he finally hired her.  Yes, I thought she was cute, and thought her and my son would make a cute couple.  They did hit it off.  You could tell they liked each other, they finally went on a date about 5 months after she started and well, now she is my daughter-in-law.  Of course, they didn't want to work together and live together so she moved on. :(
The only person I haven't worked with is my middle sons wife.  She is the sweetest thing so I would love to work with her too.
I wonder how many of you can say that you have worked with all your children and 2 of their spouses.  It has been 12 years of working with one of them, or at one point 3 of them at the same time.  They have seen the worst of their mother, the best of their mother, the swearing like a sailor mother, and of course, the mother bear.
So it is the end of something good for me.  I have enjoyed working with my kids.  Not only have they all left the nest and married, but they have now all spread their wings and flown away. 
Thanks for being the greatest co-workers a mom could ever have.