Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 12.12.10

Here it is, time again to follow along with Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  I really have to apologize that my photo taking skills don't compare to a lot of you. Certainly not going to win any awards, but I'm having fun.

This weeks pictures are:

1.Holiday Colors

These might just look like the Christmas colors, but what they really represent are the "trees" that we had the last 2 years.  The little Christmas tree we had 2 years ago, when we rented a really small townhouse while looking for a house to buy.  The poinsettia was the "tree" that we had last year as we were living in an extended stay that had no room in the inn.  oops I mean no room in. 

2.Winter/Holiday Icon

Santa.  My 3 year old granddaughter loves to shake his hand.  We are constantly having to pull his sleeve down.


3.A Tree

Our tree this year.  My hubby puts the lights on.  I'm supposed to put the ornaments on, but I really just like the looks on the tree with a ton of lights. Must be getting weird in my old age.


I'm really sorry about the quality of this picture.  But I was having a hard time finding anything to take a picture of "quiet".  First of all, the only time he is quiet is when he is asleep.  This is my grandson.  I took this picture last year when the circus was in town.  It was also taken with my phone camera. (therefore the poor quality)  He fell asleep towards the end.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  Have you been to the circus lately?  They are a very, very noisy, loud place.  Especially in a pro basketball arena.  His pillow?  My stomach and chest.  Yup, hooray for an overweight grammie. 

5.Your Favorite Color

 And this is just my stuff at work. :)
Next weeks subjects are:
2.BW with Selective Coloring
 3.The Wind
5.Remember When