Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Must Have Been A Good Girl

I saw this link on a blog that I follow and thought I would link along.  Yeah, I excited for my gifts, what can I say.
Unknown Mami

This is brought to us by Unknown Mami.  Check her out.  She is awesome

 Dear Santa,
Thank you so much for the gifts you brought me.  I love them already.

How did you know I wanted the purple slow cooker?  It wasn't on my list.  The handle on the lid is even purple.  So, so, cool.
 I am in 7th heaven over the other gift you brought me.  I could hardly contain my excitement.   If I could have jumped up off the couch I would have.  But there were toys and stuff all around. 

I was too excited to try it out to even rearrange the counter first.  I'm sure my cute hubby has taken care of that for me.  He rocks like that.