Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm In Your Dreams....Sweet

Noelle, from Because Nice Matters left me a comment today.  She let us all on to the secret of her pregnancy earlier this month.  All of us that have been pregnant, know that we have some really strange dreams while with child. 
She knows my extreme love for Shemar.  I don't know how.  Must be my constant talking about him.  Anycommentway, here is what she said.
"Here's a story for you. The other night I had a dream and your boyfriend was in it. He and I were hiking somewhere and I got stuck on a ledge and he was trying to rescue me. While stuck on that ledge I told him all about you and how you lived really close by and that I wanted to go to your house once I was unstuck. He agreed and was talking about how he would surprise you by kissing you. I woke up en route to your house...I had to pee. It was close miss dazee, really close!"
Is that just the best dream a friend could have!  Of course, preggo peeing had to get in the way of my kiss!!

Thanks Noelle.  You made my day.  I totally needed it too, with all this snow that babysister is praying for.  Would you please talk to her about that.  Thanks