Thursday, December 30, 2010

This, That and The Other

By the time you get through this post, you will be scratching your heads wondering what in the hell was on Dazee's mind.  Well, this post is my mind.  Scary........  Plus all of these have just happened since Christmas Day.

This was my lunch yesterday.  Teriyaki steak and chicken, rice and the best macaroni salad ever.
It is from a place here in Salt Lake called Mo Bettah Steaks.  Yeah I left you the link so you could go look at all the awesomeness of their menu.  There's pictures. 

Chili's to go parking.  Got a kick out of it so I thought I would share. 

What do you get your hubby for Christmas when all that is on his list is Common Sense.   Oh yeah, I rock.
This little business is down the street from my work.  Take a look.  Victors Custom Wheels and  Restaurant.  Yup, cuz nothing tastes better than eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes with the lovely smell of rubber in the air. 

Now a little update on my What A Sham post.  Yeah.  I unfollowed the blog, but my mind can't stand not knowing what other commenters said.  I went and checked last night.  Honestly, why do I do this to myself.  Here is the comment I put

Dazee Dreamer said...
Wow, Jennifer57 must have an in with
jealous, can you tell

Jennifer57 said...
LOL Dazee :)

Thanks everyone....I just keep entering and think positive :)
Congrats to all the winners!

WTH.  Jennifer honey, you won 11 of 40 prices.  Are you congratulating yourself?

One last thing.  I didn't have the internet all day at work yesterday.  Not only couldn't I do work related internet stuff, but I wasn't able to go into blog land.  So I have this question.  Please feel free to answer in the comment section.

being at Walmart behind a "walmart person" without your camera.