Friday, December 17, 2010

Company Christmas Party

Last night we had our company party.  You remember last week when I went to my sister's company christmas party.   Last night was my company christmas party.  I am the planner of the annual event for the company I work for.  Usually we just go to a restaurant, eat, chat, pretend we all like each other and go home. 
This year I decided to do something a little bit different.  Which can be really scary because I work with guys.  There is a little theatre here called Desert Star.  They do comedy spoofs.  This years christmas play was

 Oh my.  Funniest show ever.  We were laughing hysterically the whole time.  Lets just say, Ronald Trump and his daughter were there, as was the Bi-Polar Polar Bear.  A pair of "identical" male and female elves, Frostbite the snowman and the course, the little vixen who the boys fought over.  She is the one on the left end of the picture.  We took a trip to the South Pole to rescue Santa from the head Elf. 
During intermission Ronald came out and mentioned all those companies that were there.  Wow, there were 6 company parties going on.  Of course, we had to sing to a birthday girl from another group.  Then he was asking if there was anyone celebrating anything else.  You all remember Brooklyn the mouse catcher.  If you don't or are new here, you must go check that story out.  He is such a tease.  He yells out, Kenneth is celebrating an anniversary, pointing to him.  Ronald asks what anniversary.  Brooklyn replies, his one year anniversary of passing his proctology exam.  OMG, I thought the crowd was going to die of laughter. 
They also had the token picture girl going around taking pictures of all the "couples" that were there.  Oh yeah, and you could buy them for the incredibly low price of $10.00.  Such a bargain, NOT.  I was there with my sister (pay back time) and my daughter-in-law that is working here part time.  She is married to my son that no longer works here.  Anywhocareslater, some of the guys were there without dates but were good enough to pose with another guy for the picture.  My boss couldn't pass up buying this picture.
aaahhh they are in love, and good sports.
Only one more week till Christmas.  I know, shutting up.