Saturday, April 9, 2011

April In Utah

Jenny Matlock
Saturday.....sweet Saturday.....Sleeping in, Saturday Centus with our dear Jenny, and naps.  aaaahhhhhhh
Today's prompt inspired a nonfiction story.  Remember, the prompt is in blue, and we can only use 100 words, which the prompt does not count towards.  So, without further ado,
April In Utah

While opening the blinds, Dazee grumbled out loud, “yeah, right April showers bring May flowers.  Isn’t April the month of sun, tree buds, and flowers reaching thru the soil towards the light?”

She continued her grumbling, swearing at mother nature. “I guess this is why it is snowing again this morning“.  Nine days into the month and five of those days have brought snow.

It won’t surprise her when those showers bring torrents of flooding, as the snow melts in the mountains, ripping out the flowers that happen to get in its path.

Dazee turned away sipping her hot coffee. Mother Nature be damned.
With a few added pictures for effect.
The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.

So, I'm taking Jenny's statement and making it a little bit of my own today,

I'm Dazee, and snow is my tangent!!!!