Friday, April 8, 2011

Frack, Snack and Shoenack

Oh my, this week went super fast.  No one could be as happy as I. 

Lets join in with Christy and Boobies for the ever popular, get it off your chest, frack you friday.

Huge, big, FRACK YOU, to the change in our health insurance at work.  I know, I know, at least I have insurance.  Imagine the conversation I had with the pharmacist the other day.

Me:  I need to find out what is holding up my prescriptions.
Pharm:  Well, we were holding it up because the amount the prescription calls for would be $1000.00 out of pocket, when you pick it up.
Me:  *Gasping for air*, what the?
Pharm:  We could cut it into thirds.
Me:  *Still gasping*, how much would that be?
Pharm:  That would bring it down to $375.00.
Me:  Let's do that.

At which time I got off the phone, and proceeded my crying breakdown.  It was only for 1 of the 2 different insulin's I'm on.  Yup.  Like I can't just not be on it.  So that is why the big ole double flip to the newfangled insurance plans that a lot of companies are now going to, to save money.  Woo-fracking-hoo.  That $2600.00 deductible is bullshit. 

But hey, we don't need a universal health care plan in America.  Just ask our elected officials.  Nuff said.

Now on to the shoes.

First up the Engraved Platform Wedge
This fun shoe is by Alexander McQueen and can be yours for the ever lovely price of $2926.  Who needs to go on that Hawaiian Cruise.  But wow, quite the awesome shoe.

Next in keeping with our red outlook last week, we have this one by Christian Louboutin

Wow, I thought the polka dots red shoes last week were cute, but I think I love this one even more.  Didn't find a price but I'm sure it's another trip I could go on instead.

Moving on the the snack part of this post.  The new love of my life, I present


This is the one I have at home.  Isn't she lovely.  She just brewed me a Carmel Vanilla Cream coffee with coconut cream creamer.  So good.  For you non coffee drinkers, there are all sorts of hot chocolates and herbal teas you can buy and brew.
Moving on to the Keurig that we have at work.  In my office.  Yeah, can you say spoiled.  We figured out how to do iced coffee at work.  Fill the glass with ice, pour your cream in the bottom, stick in a K-cup of your choice and brew on the lowest serving size.  Which is a 6 oz.  Oh my goodness.  I think what I brewed pictured is a Hazelnut coffee with Vanilla Carmel creamer. 
Here is the finished product all stirred up and ready for my enjoyment. 
And no, I did not get paid by Keurig, or K-Cups to post this.  I just love the machine and it saves a lot of money over going to Starbucks.  Which, by the way, is joining in the K-Cup bandwagon and in the fall you will be able to buy Starbucks K-Cups.  It's about time.

Now, I triple dog dare IntenseDebate to send all your comments to "moderation".  Since I took "shoes" off the endangered, send to moderation, words, I'm thinking we might not have that problem this week. 

We shall see.