Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Another week has flown by.  It's Tuesday and time for my Dear..... letters.  Play along if you would like.  Just grab the code over there..........
You can write nice letters, or mean letters, or love letters, or Dear John letters.  Anything that floats your boat.
Today my letters are including pictures for all those out there that need the visual.  Plus it will illustrate a little better what I'm trying to say.  Sometimes my brain thinks it, but my hands don't type it.  Leaving you, my dear readers, scratching your heads, wondering what I'm trying to say.
Let's begin, shall we.

Dear McDonalds.  Why can't I have french fries in the morning with my Egg McMuffin?  It's the same process of "frying" up the hash browns as it is the fries.  I don't like the hash browns.  I WANT FRIES!  hrmmmp 
*hands on hips*

Dear illegal workers hanging out in front of said McDonalds.  I get that you want someone to hire you for the day.  I hope they do.  But ummm, mister stand right in the middle of the street.  You best move your butt.  I will run you over.  Wait, I almost did run you over.  I'd like to say, get a job, but that is what you were trying for.  Good luck staying alive.

Dear Yard Crashers and/or House Crashers.  Why don't you ever show up at my local home DIY store?  I promise, I will not run away from you with all your camera people and microphones.  I will gladly invite you to my house.  I've discussed it with Mr. Dreamer, he is fine with it.  We have a backyard that needs to be finished, or a room in the basement that needs finishing also.  I'm usually there on a Sunday, but you just let me know when you will be there and I will find you with open arms. 

Dear Back Scratcher.  I heart you!   I heart both of you, at my work and at my home. You both make that crazy itch on my back feel so much better.  Typing this letter makes me feel a bit creepy like Cody Brown, Sister Wives 4 timing husband.  Do you think they would do a Reality show about us?  
ps:  Did you hear that number 4 wife Robyn is prego?  Kind of took my brain to a place it didn't want to go.  Just sayin. 

Dear Elected Officials in Washington.  You better believe that I don't believe you when you say, "we need to make taxes fair for the wealthy down to the poor".  Yeah right, I've heard those fish fart before.  Ain't gonna happen.  Kind of like your, "I believe we need term limits".  uh huh.  You are super big on your lies speeches to get you elected, but then you weasel out when the big boys threaten to send you home to your mommies.  And just so you know, I'm not talking of the President.  I'm talking about the Senators and Representatives from every State.  Liars, liars, pants on fire!!!

Dear blue covering and yellow ball in the sky.  What are you?  I have no knowledge of what you are.  Please send me a sign so that I may sleep tonight.  I am so very scared.  There is usually dark clouds above.  I know you are teasing with me, aren't you.  You will notice tho, mister sky, that I took a picture of you, just to prove that something is amiss.  I will keep you around on those dark days, of which the weather people are saying are here again today and tomorrow.  You, my dear friend, are a ruthless, mean sky.

Love for ever and ever

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