Monday, April 4, 2011

People That Make Me Crazy

It's another work day.  Yippity-skippity-do-da-day.  Today's class study is people and their personalities.  I have people that I work with, and in my personal life, that sometimes get on that one last nerve I have during the day.  Let's see if you recognize anyone that you know.
I'm Grumpy.  I had a bad night last night.  My life is rotten.  No one else has it as bad as me.  I'm going to make you grumpy. 
No, my dear grumpy butt, I'm going to be extra happy to piss you off.
This is the person that has to talk about a hundred decibels louder than anyone else in the room.  I don't know if they are deaf, or just like to hear themselves talk.  Yes I work with this person.  I like to tone them out, but sometimes they are just too loud to even do that.
These are by far the people that make me have to pick my jaw up off the floor.  No lie, I heard this very sentence come out of someones mouth last week.  "Have you ever noticed if so-and-so has a bad night at home, they come to work the next day and take it out on the rest of us".  Ummm, really.  Pot meet kettle.


You can only have one friend.  You may not have 2 friends at the same time.  You are all mine.  If we are all together, I'm going to make it a miserable time.  How dare you spend time with someone other than me.  I'm going to ignore you now.


I don't know why this one makes me crazy but it does.  I think it has something to do with the "sound decibel" thing I have a problem with.  Also, if said person knows I grit my teeth when they do it, they do it even more.  Yeah, they're cool like that.  NOT

I am perfect.  I do everything right.  It must be the other person I work with that did that.  No, really, I don't make mistakes.  Those damn others.  Never do anything right.

This is the special someone that will always bring up bad things you've done, right outside the bosses office.  Why, because they want to look better in the bosses/parents/teachers/siblings eyes.  I see right through you, you rat.

This is kind of like the never do wrong person, but I will come right up to your face and point my finger at you and yell at you.  I could care less if there are customers around.  I will show them whose the coolest.  No, my dear co-worker, you will show them what an ass you are. 

These are only a few.  I'm sure you have all had someone like these in your lives.  I will get them back somehow.  Oh, you know I will.