Monday, April 25, 2011

The Cousin Adventures plus More Craziness

Happy Monday, or Crap it's Monday, whichever the case may be.  :)

What a great 4 day weekend I had.  Don't be all jealous now.  Some of you have had awesome adventures as of late, so shut it.

Things started off Thursday with my anniversary.  Nice day.  Yes, we went to Home Depot.  Got our favoritest sandwiches in the world, Grinders 13 Pepper Steak, loaded with onions and tomatoes.  Hot peppers on the side.  Came home, slathered on some miracle whip and delighted tastebuds insued. 

Now for a few pictures, just to keep you interested.

GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!  I would love to see this building in person. 

This I saw on fellow blogger Coffeepot's site on Saturday and thought it was so true.  Yeah, things can always get worse.  (I stole this from him without asking, oops)

Another fellow femalelow blogger, Baby Sister, whom I'm about to put out an APB on, had this on her site when she first started blogging.  Yeah, I'll hold on to something forever.  I myself would fall in the #13 category, if I was still PMS'ing.  (jealous just a smidge, aren't ya?)

Ok, on with the weekend.

Friday morning, the day of all days finally arrives, my cousin April is in town.  You would never know that she is 20 19 years younger than me.  She acts soooo much older.  Ok, we both act 16 when we are together, but that's ok.  This was her as I was zooming through town to get us to her hair appointment on time.
I kid.  But I would love this painted on the side of my car. 

After being gone from 9 in the morning until 8 that evening, we were bushed.  But we HAD to have a bedtime snack.  Her idea.  Chocolate cake donuts with chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream on top.  She put the ice cream away, and off to watch Ghost Hunters we went.   We decided to go to bed early because, well, she was already asleep.  Next morning, as I was getting the creamer out of the REFRIGERATOR for our coffee, low and behold, this is what my eyes beheld. 
One of these things, doesn't belong here.  One of these things just doesn't belong, can you tell which thing doesn't belong here, be-fore I finish my song.  Did you find it boys and girls?  Will the ice cream still be good since it was in the fridge?  It wasn't melted all over the shelf or anything.  We shall see.  If I get extreme food poisoning, then we will know to just throw it out next time.

I've saved the best for last.  Now, if you are easily offended, please just don't go any further.  My sick sense of humor is about to come out. 

When I went to pick up April, there were too many cars parked in front of her mother-in-laws house.  So I had to pull in front of the next door neighbors.  Now, the way they were parked were not length wise, but pulling in like you had a parking space.  So your car faced the house.  Are you following here.  Ok.  Good. 

I turn off my car, text her that I'm there, look up at the tree sitting in front of my window and this is what I see.
Innocent enough.  Unless you are Dazee and sick and wrong.  I hurry out of the car, help her lug her stuff to my car, and point out the tree.  Being that we are 16 year old girls at heart, much hysterical laughter insued.

When I took her home on Saturday afternoon, knowing full well that I don't go anywhere without my camera, well, we just needed to take a picture.  I love April, she is game for just about anything. 

Behold, I give you
April and the Tree
OMG, look at her face.  That girl freaking cracks me up.   
ps:  sure hope the neighbors weren't watching.  

I have to say, between spending time with the hubster, and my cwauson, it was the best Anniversary/Easter weekend EVER.