Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stuff You Are Wanting To Know About Me, and Other Useless Info

I've been hearing a lot of comments that I've been a Debbie Downer lately.  Oh wait, that was me telling myself to "snap out of it", said in my best Cher impression. :)
Have I ever told you about growing up in a house with a mom and dad, 4 brothers and 4 sisters?  I was the 2nd oldest, which meant, it was hell.  Pure and simple.  Ok, not all the time, but lets talk dinnertime.  Your week to do dishes.  NO DISHWASHER.  You....are....the....dishwasher......., or so I heard time after time.
You can imagine that with all those people, there is tons of dishes.  There is.  Oh, and mom always made us set the table with spoon, fork, knife, plate, glass, serving dishes and pots and pans.  So lets put this to some math, shall we.  3 pieces of silverware X 9 = 27.  Plus serving spoons, lets go with oh, 3.  We are now at 30 pieces of silverware.  9 plates, 3 serving dishes, 9 glasses (or more) at least 3 pans.  Get my point.  Anyway, I've made a rough drawing of how the kitchen cabinet looked when it was time to do the dishes.
I know, I've missed my calling.  :)

Anylotsofdisheslater, when it was my turn at dishes, to keep myself from crying, I would stack all the dishes as in the rendition.  Silverware, glasses, plates and the ever dreaded pots and pans.  I figured if I got the neverending silverware out of the way first, the rest would go faster.  Did I just drop them in the sink?  Hell no.  They would dive into the pool.  They would be talking to each other.  "Oh no, I'm going to drown".  "Come on in Sylvester, the water's fine", you know, crap like that.  I'm sure if anyone was listening, they would have worried about me even more.  :)  I'm sure there were boyfriends and girlfriends talking, and gymnastic moves and the like.  You young scoundrels just don't know how good you have it, I tell ya.  Aren't you glad you asked about my dish doing activity.

Hangnails drive me crazy.  Just sayin.

One more thing.  David Bowie's - Space Oddity is one of my favorite songs ever.  I don't know why, it just is.  Now, before you watch and listen to this video, Y.O.U....W.I.L.L....W.A.T.C.H....A.N.D....L.I.S.T.E.N........ you really have to do the following, if at all possible. 
Sit in an office type chair that will swivel around.  Are you doing it?  Ok, start the video.   Now, start going around in circles.  Lay your head back.  Are you in the moment?  Ok, now, raise your arms in the air.  Are you drifting Major Tom?  Are you floating Major Tom?  What?  I do this everytime I hear this song.  Even at work.  Oh yes I do.  You will see me spinning around in circles.  I have no inhibitions.  They already know I'm a goonball.
There you have it.  Just a few random facts that you just couldn't live without.  
Carry On.