Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear....... 4.5.11


Welcome.  Yikes, I just heard Alfred Hitchcock in my head when I typed that.  S.C.A.R.Y.

Tuesday is upon us once again.  Which means, Dear..... Letters.  You really should play along.  They are tons more fun than post-it notes.  Just sayin.

If you get a hankering to join in the fun, grab my code over there...... do you see it.  It looks like whats up above, but it's over there on the side so you can put it on your post.  Yeah, I know you know what to do.  I'm just making sure.  And for sure, come on back and link up. 

Now, for your reading pleasure, this weeks Dear...... Letters.

Dear Laundry.  Could you please find it in your heart to learn how to fold yourself?  I know, I know, you are just material, but you can do it.  I think it would be much more likely for you to learn to fold yourself, than for me to become Samantha Stevens, ya know.
Dear Facebook and Swagbucks.  You are big, multi money making machines.  Do you think, that with all the advertising that is on your sites, you could for the love of my brain, invest in more and faster servers.  This constant waiting, waiting, waiting for pages to load is taking me to the edge.  And don't you even dare try to blame it on my computer.  I don't have any problem getting into other websites.  Speed it up, buttercup.

Dear Intense Debate.  We had a little letter last week about always going to
"this comment requires moderation".  Because I have mad detective skills, I went to your little site, and what did I find.  Under the "words that will send your comment to moderation", was this word.  S.H.O.E.S.  Are you kidding me?  Really.  Shoes is a bad word?  You better believe I deleted that word out of there.  Shoes, really?  Some male programmer must have a wife that loves to buy shoes.  Just sayin.

Dear Mr. Confrontational.  Being that I'm trying to be nice today, I won't tell you to go to hell, but would you kindly just go there.  Do not pass go.  You in no way get $200!  Just because you like to bully EVERYONE, doesn't mean I will let you get away with it.  Even if I am just a lowly woman in your eyes.  And my favorite sentence that vomited out of your mouth?  "you, meaning me Dazee, are more confrontational than me".  WHAT THE?  Alrighty then.    N.o.t....g.o.i.n.g....t.o....g.o....t.h.e.r.e.......
Speaking of...

Dear Mr. Big Mouth.  Don't say things behind people's backs and then when asked by Mr. Confrontational what you think, don't play the "who me" card.  You know as well as me that you felt the same way about the "issue", but you didn't have the balls to say anything.  I'm sorry, but working with mostly men for the last 35 years just doesn't make me appreciate people like you.  If I can stand up for my point of view, so can you.  Slither away scardy cat.

Dear Hubster, kids, and grandkids.  I love you all so much.  This past week has been a tough one and made me realize that life is very short, so I need to always appreciate the ones that mean the most to me.  Thanks for putting up with my goofiness.  

 Dear Weekend.  Please come soon and please do not snow. 

Dear Mother Nature.  Please read Dear Weekend letter.

All my love,