Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Being Stuck In An Elevator - My Greatest Fear EVER

I was watching the news this morning as I was getting ready for work.  On the station that I watch, they will show articles by Jeanne Moos of CNN.  I usually like them.  This morning she did a report on a guy that got stuck in an elevator years ago for 41 hours, and how David Letterman did a spoof on it.  The following video is "part" of what she showed.  WARNING, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT EASILY.
And yes, he got an undisclosed amount of money from the building.  I feel soooooo sorry for this guy.
This is one of the biggest fears in life that I have.  I am kind of ok if there is someone I know in the elevator with me.  If there is a stranger, I'm weirded out.  Well, if it's a stranger, they could murder me and that is another fear I have.  Being murdered.  ****going to my happy place****
My diabetes doctor is on the 3rd floor of a medical building.  I think my blood pressure goes up just getting on the elevator.  I know, I know, I could do the healthy thing and walk up 3 FREAKING FLOORS OF STAIRS, but then my blood pressure would be even worse.  Until I reach the floor and I'm safely out of the metal room of hell, I'm a bundle of nerves. 
Maybe I need to start carrying a huge ole purse.  Filled with, some kind of container to do bathroom duties in, a roll of toilet paper, a book, some water, some munchies, a pen to write my last will and testament, which might just be somewhere on the pages of said book.  Hmmm, a backup battery for my cell phone, but with my luck there won't be reception for said phone. 
(OMG, my heart is racing just thinking about this.  Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.  I'm at my happy place.  Alejandro is bringing me a strawberry daiquiri.  The breeze is making the palm trees fan my skinny body as I soak up the sun.  Hey, it's my happy place, I can be anything I want to be.)
And I'm back.   
What is your biggest fear?