Friday, April 22, 2011

Snowshoes And Toboggans

Debra at Writing With Debra has bestowed upon me The Versatile Blogger award.  She found me through the writing meme I do on Saturdays.  Which, as you can tell from her blog name, she is a writer.  I am not.  Thanks Debra.  (whew, got one of the rules out of the way).

Rule number 2.  Tell 7 things that I NEVER HAVE MENTIONED BEFORE.  People, haven't I told you just about everything?  Haven't I told you about my long term memory problem?  Ok, ok, I will do it.  Freak.

  1. When I was 3, I sent our cat snowball, across the street to my sister, where she met a gruesome death. 
  2. Unlike Debra, I will not wake up super early to watch the Royal Wedding.
  3. When I was 19 I went snowshoeing and thought for sure I was going to die.  The altitude about did me in.
  4. The one and only time I ever went skiing, I wiped out and got had to ride in the fun and exciting rescue toboggan.  My mom was super pissed at me because she didn't want me to go in the first place. 
  5. White chocolate Kit Kat's have become my newest favorite candy bar.
  6. If you don't blog in a while, and you all know who you are baby sister, I get really worried about you.  Don't do that to me.  Get back to blogging.  My wish is your command.
  7. I get totally weirded out seeing other people's toenail clippings. 
Next rule.  Award the award to others.  My least favorite thing to do, because well, I love all of you that I follow.  Here are some that I'm giving it to this time tho, for different reasons.  I read an eclectic range of people.  They all "say" things to me in different ways.  They make me laugh, and cry and want to hurt people for them. 

Don't fret my little buck-a-roo's.  If I ever get another award, your chance will come up.  I'm an equal opportunity award giver-outter.