Saturday, April 16, 2011

She Asked Me For A Review

Jenny Matlock
What a sly fox that Jenny is.  This week our prompt, if we chose to accept it, was to take one of the many stories people wrote last week on the prompt APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS, and do a review.  My oh my.  This is a hard task.  
Being the true blue, I'll tackle anything except a mouse, that I am, I'm doing it.  The only thing is, I couldn't narrow down all the great stories to one.  Therefore, for your enjoyment, I am reviewing three.   I am also sticking to the 100 words only rule, so between all 3 stories the reviews have 100 words.  I know, I rock. :)
The first story was done by 
Madge at I-Madge-Ine The Twaddle 
The Golden Ticket

We were in love, a couple of small town kids with no future. We knew that we would never get out of this town if he didn't enlist. Boot camp was hard, he was gone for what seemed like forever as I planned our wedding. We were married, and he was deployed two weeks later.
April 2nd, I heard "the knock". Pregnant, and widowed, my love, my life, my ticket out of the hole we were both born into, was gone. Honor was born May 5th, a healthy baby girl, her daddy would have been so proud. Proof that April showers bring May flowers.
The Review
We were taken behind the scenes of the sorrow our nation is going through, in a truly heartfelt story.  As the moment of joy was felt, it reminded me that war is truly unfair.

She probably didn't think I would dare review the teacher but, I don't obey the rules much, do I.
Next up is Jenny's. 

“Just laugh,” my Mom threatened. “Don’t make me get him.”
“Fine,” I retorted, “Pilgrims! Are you happy now?”

My Mom stormed out and returned dragging my Dad. “She’s being a smart-ass! Make her be nice!”

Slowly taking off this belt, he asked me, “Is it the ‘if April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring’ joke’?”
“Yes! But, it’s not fair, Dad. She never laughs at my jokes! Why do I have to laugh at her stupid ones? It’s…”

I let out a yelp as the belt met the bare skin of my legs.

“Your sister is dying,” he said grimly, “You will laugh.”

The review
A well written reality of life in so many different ways. Abusive parents, sibling rivalry, and dying. The author touched my heart in a way that I felt the pain of the belt.

The last one I am going to review is done by my writing mentor
June Freaking Cleaver
Time for an Intervention

My husband just had to build a ship. Now I’m stuck below deck as storms rage above me.

I want to see dry land. I want to walk on solid ground.

Do you know how hard it is to prepare a meal when this big hulk pitches and rolls in the waves?

And who takes care of the kids and other creatures (that just seemed to appear out of nowhere)?

Me, that’s who.

Need I mention the stench?

HE keeps saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”

“Noah, shut up! After forty days and forty nights, can’t you come up with something better?”

The review
A brilliant idea, taking an old bible story and putting a twist of humor on this timeless tale. Adding Mrs. Noah’s voice to the endless days was pure genius by the Author.

To even be writing in a group of people like these is a great learning experience for me.  They all inspire me to try to learn and be better each and every week.