Friday, April 29, 2011

Well I'll Be Fracking Honest Here

Friday is finally upon us.  Thank goodness.  And thank goodness for Christy and Boobies for the getting it off my chestaa-la-westaa's.

First of all, my good friend mother nature.  Really, SNOW yet again on Friday April 29th.  I'm done with you.  In the good words of El Paso Salsa commercial, Get a rope!!!

Next up, the "tests" we are put through in life.  I hate that saying.  "Its your test".  Ok, I failed tests while in school.  Did not do good.  So when I see posts from other people that are going thru a "test" right now, makes me want to scream. 

A big ole fawk you to dump trucks that don't cover their loads while the wind is blowing like crazy.  Yeah, I'm talking to all those that were on the road last night.  If I were a cop, you all would have been pulled over and written up mega tickets.  You just had to do with the star-downs today.  And maybe a California hello wave. 

Freak, I'm tired.  Frack you tiredness.  I like the feeling of drifting off to sleep, but not until I'm done with all my posts.  I like to snuggle up to my blanket and start dreaming of my happy place. 

Freak, frack, paddywack, to the damn flu that has gone around this flu season.  And freaking flu shots that don't work on the throw up and diarrhea type of flu. Get on it scientist.  The world depends on you.

Now I'm off to make a dollar because I'm only good for that much. Don't get me started........

PS:  my son and a few of his friends have started a blog.  My son wrote a post today that I would really like to promote.  I sometimes can't believe that I raised a son that thought for himself about politics and religion and unjust things of the world.  I am very proud of the fact.  We raised our kids to be free thinkers and not believe something we believe, just because we believe it.  He researches and watches what the government is doing.  Please go check out his blog.  Just remember that not everyone thinks the same.  Please comment.  Don't be mean.  Give your point of view if you want, but be proud of yourself if you do and don't post anonymous.