Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Owner Association

We are so very lucky to live in a development that has the ever loved HOA. If you are living in one, or working for one, you know they are the bane of society. I like to think of the dudes that work for the HOA in my own words, HORRID OPPRESSING ASSHOLES. Yeah, you read it right. I said the A word. So sue me. Or better yet, FINE me.

We moved in the beginning of February. We had a long, long spring full of snow until the end of May. Starting in March, we were getting yell letters from the HOA. "Why haven't you started your landscaping?" "You know you only have 60 days to get it in". WTF. First of all, previous owners, that you all know I love with all my heart, decided that desert scape was the way to go. How they ever got that past the HOA, is beyond me. Hubby has been digging and raking and hiring bobcat dudes to take away all the fine "rockwork" that they put in.

Oh yes, HOA's, please submit any plans for fencing to the HOA for approval. umkay, and this is because? So we did. Sent it in last week. Waited, waited, waited. Tuesday comes and we get such a lovely piece of dog crap email. "you will be accessed a $25 fine on your next bill". Holy crap people, haven't you been driving by seeing my cute hubby working his ass off trying to get this place in good enough shape to get the fence, sprinklers and sod in. Do they care? Nope. Hubby had me send off a nice email to them yesterday. I could tell he was mad, but he is so nice in his madness. They are lucky they didn't get it from.

Oh, but there is more. "Please submit a picture of what you are planning to do in the front yard". "You must have a minimum of 12 trees, and X amount of plants". Swear words are beginning to spew out of my mouth. Dudes, do you understand that you will not see nice looking landscaping around here if you PRESSURE home owners to HURRY, HURRY, HURRY.

Why in the hell haven't you "hurried" and approved our plans. Because you are holding it over our head. You know what you can do with your silly, "you must" bullshit? I have blog friends, and we could picket you. Got it!!!!!!

And because I like to shock you people, I have the following 2 pictures that I just had to share.
I find the tattoo above kind of awesome in a weird way. And the one below, OMG, your tongue. I don't understand some of you weirdo's.

Try not to let these pictures ruin your day. Just consider the source (me) and it will all make sense.

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