Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Chat

Jenny Matlock

Can I just say, that wow, hard, hard prompt this week.  At least Jenny took pity on us and gave us 150 words to use, plus the 4 words in the prompt.   As always, the prompt is in blue.

The Chat

Gwen had looked forward to this day for months.  Her daughter’s family was in town and she was finally able to spend time with her 13 year old grandson Chad.  

They had just been seated at the local café.  Chad was being really quiet.  It was so unlike him.  After placing their order, she looked over at him and asked what was on his mind.

“Grandma”, he said, “If I die young will anyone remember me?”.  Gwen tried to hide the shock on her face as she thought of how to reply to such a loaded question.

As she looked into his questioning eyes, tears starting falling down her face.  Chad had just gone through his first round of chemo, and knew that his chances of growing old were not looking good.

“You have already left your mark on this world”, she replied, “and will never be forgotten”.

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