Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Fun

It's Monday again......Already.  This weekend flew by.  Fun filled with my friend Machaelle.  She came up from a small city in Southern Utah so we could go to the Josh Groban Concert.  

I made a video montage of Saturday's adventures for your viewing enjoyment.  It is a vlog, per se.  I will be heard talking but you won't be seeing me much.  Lucky, lucky you.

A few things before the video.  On the train I was sitting behind a wall so some of the shots aren't the best.  You will meet a rather, older, teeth missing,  gentlemen, that let out a huge belch before he boarded.  (you just don't hear me say it that well)

Whenever I would zoom on my camera the talking would stop.  DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SETS.  :)
Now, do enjoy

Josh Groban was awesome.  Soul touching  voice.  When he would talk between songs, he was always cracking us up.  Of course, we bought the inexpensive tickets, so we were 5 rows from the top of the arena.  You should have seen us two gimpoides climbing those stairs.  Priceless

Yesterday, we headed on over to the local Thea-a-ter and saw
 The Help

This was a great movie.  The type of movie that I didn't want to ever end.

PS:  I hate Hilly

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