Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Be Mean To My Blackberry - It Has Feelings Too....

Taming Insanity

I love me some photo challenges.  Taming Insanity has started this new photo meme that is all about photo's you take from your iPhone, or I'm just going to say the camera on your phone, because really, not everyone has an iPhone and that would be discrimination, and ummm, I don't think they have enough money to pay for our lawsuit.  Ok.  Just kidding. 
As if I would ever sue you.

First up.  I go past this sign every morning on my way to work.  It is for the hospital just down the road.  As you can kind of tell, it gives you a wait time.   The wording to the side of the sign says, "get treated, not seated".  I don't know about you, but when it says there is a Zero wait time, I'm on my way.

The next lucky winner is a goofy sales rep that comes in to see people where I work.  I had to change his face because, well, he didn't know I snapped his picture on my phone.  You know, you do the whole, I'm pretending to text while I snap your picture.  Yeah.  So anygoofydudelater, his attire has always bothered me.  A tee shirt, tucked in to dress pants, and usually they are pulled higher than in this particular photo.  But really, whoever told him a tee shirt and dress pants was business attire, is well, not ready for Project Runway. 

Now my favorite photo of the bunch.  This up and coming artist has already been featured on my blog before.  This is a picture of me, grammie.   I have short curly hair, ummm, I think my arms are coming out of my head, or they are my ears.  She's 3, you decide.  Apparently I wasn't too happy that day because I have a flat line smile.  The big green dot in the middle of my forehead?  Well, that is a huge pimple.  Yup, she said it.  And the little green figure to the side of me.  That's my friend Machaelle.  She is a zombie.  Again, her words.   

This is a fun meme.  Go on over and check out some more entries.  Or better yet, try this yourself.  Only rule, you can't submit photos taken with a real camera.  Has to be a phone camera.  

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  1. Don't mean to be a downer but where I work, 0 means you get to sit in another room and wait. We never put the actual wait times because that would drive people away. It's a marketing ploy...although I do work for the devil.