Friday, August 12, 2011

Frack You Religious Zealots

Today is a double frack you kind of day.  I so appreciate Christy and Boobies for letting me get these things off of my chest straight out through my fingers.  

A big ole, FRACK YOU to the religious zealot Warren Jeffs.  This man sickens me.   Let me get this straight.  I believe in freedom of religion.  I believe every person has their right to practice whatever religion they want to.  We are all part of the human race.  But with that being said, I'm sick to freaking death of zealots that do things in the name of religion.  breathe in, breathe out.

Warren Jeffs is the sickest type of sexual zealot ever.  I don't know if any of you have been following the case, but he is the "prophet" of his church and was marrying young girls as part of his religions teachings.  I myself think he is just a pervert, but I digress.

Being the wise and wonderful leader of his church, he decided that he must teach the young girls, under the age of 18, how to sexually gratify him.  

Yesterday the courts released the tapes that he made during his "teachings" and "the act".  If you can't stomach listening to them, that is ok.   I have only listened to a few and not very far into them.  I get filled with such rage that I have to stop.  

If by chance my link doesn't work here is the site.

And yes, the picture you see in the article is the "sex bed" in their "Texas Temple".  Excuse me a minute while I throw up.

I can only hope that he gets gang raped, but that wouldn't be very nice of me.  

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