Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Addicted To Ink

You read it right.  Right now I'm addicted to 

I'm fascinated by the tattoos that people get, and why they get what they get.   Heck, I cry if the story behind the tat is sad.  But then I cry during sad commercials so that's nothing new.   I love the drama behind all the workers.  I confess I think I like NY Ink a smidge more than LA Ink.    The new season of LA Ink started last Thursday.  I couldn't rightly get behind Kat Von D being all giddy about her new fiance

Jesse James

Maybe it's because he broke the heart of one of my favorite actresses.  

Anytattoolater, Kat was getting a tattoo on her of a young Jesse James.  Like 10 years old or something.  The whole time I'm like, NOOOOO, don't do it, what if you break up!  Don't ever put a picture of someone on your body unless they are your child or parent.  Because they are forever.  Did she listen to me, no she didn't.  And she should have.  Yes!! Why?

Because they broke up!!!!
I know, right.  You are as shocked as me.  And now, she has a tattoo of her "young" 
ex-fiance.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  

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