Friday, August 19, 2011

SOOC - 8.20.11

SOOC Saturday

I love this photography meme sponsored by Marvelous Mommy.   It has actually inspired me to catch things that I wouldn't otherwise.  

This week I had 2 photo's I couldn't choose between so I'm doing them both.  :)

The first one is of the Up House.  Here in Herriman, Utah for the Parade of Homes, one of the builders got permission from Disney to build the Up House.  During the 2 weeks of parading through the homes, they even added the balloons to the fireplace.  

Here is straight out of my camera.
And the edited version
The mailbox even is the same from the movie.  Handprints and everything.  I didn't buy tickets to go inside, but was told that it was done exactly the way the house was in the movie, even as far as retro appliances in the kitchen.  Wow.

My favorite photo of the week tho was of a hummingbird that got stuck in our garage.  Apparently it was stranded there over night.  The next morning my son-in-law came in and told us that he had opened both the garage doors to see if it could  find it's way out.  

The hummingbird was attracted to my SIL's bright shirt.  At one point it came right up to his chest and started poking its beak against the colors on his chest trying to find food.

Before.  (and boy those suckers are fast)

After bringing out the colors.

It took about an hour, but it finally found its way out.

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