Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fake Blogger Adventure - Chapter Two

Wow, what a day yesterday was.  First of all, got all checked in to my room.  I requested my own, because, well, I snore.  Yeah, I admit it.  Didn't want to be talked about behind my back by a roomie.

As my dear fellow blogger, Bodacious Boomer, commented on my last post, I "supposedly" didn't attend a "class", I attended a seminar or conference.  I beg to differ, BodBoo, there was note taking, and there was a quiz at the end.  So There.  *blowing raspberries*.

The first ahem seminar I attended was

I raised my hand a lot during this.  I enter once in a while on some of your giveaways.   Since I had such a bad experience last December, 
I rarely enter them.  So I thought this would be a good seminar to attend.  Here is what I learned.

Mr. Random.Org hates me.  
Even when someone is doing a giveaway in my own State, and if you live in my State you will enter because, you have a better chance of winning since the giveaway is a ride on the new part the of the Trax system that is opening this Sunday.
Living The Scream was running the giveaway.  I thought, oh goodie, maybe there will only be a couple of people going for it, because, really how many bloggers really live in Utah.  
Much to my sadness surprise,  more than I thought.  You guessed it, I didn't win this one either.  
Wo is me.  She also gets to go on the local TV station once in a while during their At Home segment, or whatever it is called.  Someday, I will be famous like that.  (and then I woke up)

Moving on.

I met up with Miss Jenny for lunch.  Oh dear.  We had way too much fun.  And maybe just one too many "fancy" drinks.  We almost didn't make it to the afternoon session.  
Ok, I confess, WE DIDN'T MAKE IT TO THE AFTERNOON SESSION.  It was just some dumb seminar called,

No thanks.  I had to go rest up because last night I was meeting up with
The Queen of WTF
and her personal cop
BWS tips button
Momma Fargo

We were going to go hit up some of the parties and see what we could get our hands on.  And boy did we ever.  But that is a whole new chapter.

Hmmmm, now I just have to decide what seminars to attend today.  

I will keep you posted.

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