Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Today, I have a very special Dear Letter.  Yes, It is truly an emotional moment for me.

Dear Waddaah,
Waddaah you saying to me?  hahaha, cracking myself up, just had to say that.

Yesterday, as I opened up my work email, there it was, a very special email from you.
Oh my gosh.  My first facebook friend request from someone in another country.  My heart was going pitter-patter.  It surely was.  But my Dear Waddaah, having been taught by the IT department to NEVER, EVER open an email if I didn't know the person, I decided to go check you out.

I went to Facebook, and searched your name.  I just needed to find out more about you before giving myself to you freely.  
This is Waddaah I saw.  Giggle-snort.
You were no where to be found, my friend.  I was shocked and amazed that you would toy with my heart that way.  Maybe you just wanted to send me a virus.  I hear guys like you are like that.  Maybe if I had opened the email, I would have found your real name.  Yeah, that's what it is, you were going incognito.  Damn, I wish now I wouldn't have been so quick as to click the delete key.  My bad.

But, being one to never let things get me down, I think that I found the "real" you in all my searching.
Oh, be still my beating heart.  

"Oh sweet mystery of life I've found you"
I am overcome with admiration of you ear piercing.  I know you have done that just for me, so as when we are walking down the street I can ever so lovingly twine my fingers into the hole.  Such a sweet, sweet man you are to think of a way to hold "hands" without them being chopped off by your village.

But the most exciting thing is your lower lip.  Oh baby.  There is nothing that turns me on more than being able to put a morsel of food or tasty dessert on your little plate and watch you slowly get it into you mouth.  No, no really, I'm not gagging while watching you, its just a custom where I come from.  A sign of true love.  Not only that, but I'm sure when you take you special "plate" out, I can grab a hold of your sick and wrong lovely lip and drag you home for the night.

But alas, Dear Waddaah, I am a married woman.  I can not be your "friend".  Mr. Dazee would not take kindly to the fact that a man of your appearance has requested my friendship.  Some things are just not possible. 

Never give up the quest for finding the woman of your dreams.

All my love


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