Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Can't I Find The Restroom?

Another Monday.  Another week of work begins.  I've put my game face on and I'm facing the day with a dazzling smile.  

Today you are going to hear about what it takes to find the restrooms in our building.  Word to the wise.  It's not hard.  Very easy.  

Enter older man asking the question that kind of makes me want to answer in a stupid way.
"Do you have a restroom?"  No, we aren't allowed restrooms.  Just a pet peeve of mine.  Moving on.

Just about this time I come out of my office to go hit the restroom.  Since we share a wall, if I see a man headed to the restroom, I stand and chat a minute, because, well, I'm a shy pee-er.  Ok.  Gosh.

Dude starts heading down the hallway.  So I do my waiting stance.
He heads right down the hall, towards the back door there, past the restrooms and looks around the door
Seeing, the inside of the office.  
He starts heading back towards the front office.  I'm thinking, cool, I'm about to pee my pants, so I head on back.  
As I make myself comfortable, I hear dude open the door to the storage closet
Nope, no restrooms in here either.
I'm thinking as I'm listening to all the ruckus,

So what have you learned today?
1.  When asking where a restroom is, please say, "where are you restrooms"
2.  Listen closely to instructions
3.  Look both ways when walking down a hall
4.  Restrooms are usually marked as such
5.  Dazee is a shy pee-er.

And most importantly
Dazee has her camera at ALL TIMES
and she's not afraid to use it.

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