Friday, August 19, 2011

Enemy of Tree & Fall Shoes

Friday has finally arrived.  But it has been a pretty good week.  

Joining up as I always do on Friday with Christy and Boobies.  Thanks as always ladies.  
I only have one dumbass this week.  Told you it was a good week.

Umm, what the frack?
  To the fracktard that came speeding down our street.  Dude/Dudette, first of all, you were going way to fast.  Second, you hit the tree, get stuck, finally get out, and then speed off again?  Honestly, when I see this tree, I think of the drunk person that hit another human, said human was stuck in the windshield, and left him there to go "sleep it off".  I am pretty sure there was some damage to the front end of your car.   If you were a teenager, I would have loved to be the fly on the wall when your parents asked about the front end damage.  You are extremely lucky one of the kids weren't across the street playing.  Idiot.

Now for some fun fall shoes that would make me fall if I actually wore them.  :)

A Daft Scots Lass

Jimmy Choo
John Galliano

So, so cute.  I can think of myself as skinny and young enough to wear those.  I envy you ladies that do.  But I rock the flip flops.  Oh yes I can.

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  1. Umm...I need those Jimmy ChooS.
    I'd kick that kid in the ass with them.