Saturday, August 27, 2011

SOOC - 8.27.11

I love, love, love this meme.  Why you ask?  Because I can take a photo of ANYTHING and show it off.  A big shout out to Marvelous Mommy for sponsoring this.  Sal-lute

Also, I can never just post a photo.  I always have to talk.  What is my problem.  

I must tell you the story of what inspired my SOOC photos.  One day, a semi driver brought us in a load of pipe at work.  He came in to use the restroom and Lizzie, who just so happens to be my daughter-in-law but also works with me, noticed that he had a big ole tattoo on his chest that said LIZZIE.  Random.  Being that we work with deranged guys, they said that she just had to go get a picture of him.  (I goodnaturely offered my camera)  She is such a good sport that she did.  He was stinking, BO smelling, sweating, but look at that cute smile on her face.  Yes we sprayed her down with air freshener after the whole ordeal.  I came home, cropped in my son (not very good) and added words.  Put the photo on our "crazy work pictures" bulletin board and all was well.  

We came to work on a Monday and this is what was all over her cubicle.  Yup.  One of the guys, I'll call him Bryce, because, well, that's his name, had decided to have a little fun with the photo.  This was only one spot covered in that picture.  It was all along the wall coming into the building, the women's restroom was covered, even the toilet seat, and some placed behind some doors for her to find at random times.

Of course, she waited about a month to get back to him.  And boy did she.  He has a thermal coffee mug that he uses every day.  One Friday she kifed it in the afternoon and hid it in her purse.  Luckily his wife had come in that day, so when it came up missing he just thought that she had taken it home to wash it.  Bwa-haha.  When he came in on Monday, this is what he found on his desk.
 Look closely.  There is his mug and lid (to the left) in jello.  Blueberry jello.  (thank you The Office).  Poor guy was tasting blueberry in his coffee for a week.  

They have called a truce.  Somehow I think not.

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