Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Round Of "Can Dazee Do It"

Oh the joys of driving back and forth to work.  Hell, I'm even a backseat driver road rager.  Doesn't matter, if I'm on the road, the wrath of Dazee is due to come out.

Anyroadragelater, coming to work this morning the normal go through the light to get to the freeway entrance light was backed up.  After sitting through the light 3 times, I decided a little detour was in order.  Scenic route took us to the next freeway entrance.  Easy peasy, until we got on the freeway and there was nothing but brake lights ahead.  Oh goodie.  I actually said to my daughter-in-law, there better be an accident for this traffic because if it's just because we have brake happy drivers, I'm going to be pissed.  (yeah, no coffee in my system yet, we'll blame it on that)

I was in the slow lane.  I wanted to move over.  Oh yeah, not a good idea.  So I kept looking to see if I had a chance, because we all know, people are soooo nice to let you in.  I see a break in the action, just about the time we get to the accident.  I put my signal on (because I'm courteous like that) and start moving over.  All of the sudden, out of the blue a man and his car come SPEEDING up, honking at me, AND SHAVING WITH HIS ELECTRIC SHAVER.  So he tries to scream into the next lane, the lady in front of me is already moving over to there, and he proceeds to keep shaving and honking at her.  The words coming out of my mouth were very pleasant.  :)

Oh and the accident was icky.  Car hit the cement wall and was pretty smashed up.  So yeah, at least it wasn't just brake happy people.  

The purpose of this post.  Well, I told my D-I-L that I was going to take a poll on my blog to see if you, my dear readers, thought I could go a day without road rage.  Hey, stop laughing.  No really, stop it right now!!!!!!

Here is your chance.  Depending on what the poll result is, I shall do my duty to abide by my peeps.

Can Dazee Go One Day Without Road Rage?
 Of course she can, she rocks like that
 No way in hell. Road rage is her life
 Only if she has duct tape over her mouth free polls 

Let the voting begin.

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  1. I voted...duct tape cemented on with crazy glue ;)