Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday Flip Offs 8.13.10

Welcome to my nightmare. Oh wait, that's not right. Welcome to this weeks edition of Friday Flip-Offs. Sponsored by the ever popular Gigi at Kludgy Mom .

To the people that think I can hear, write or type as fast as you are talking. What the hell people. When a poor soul like myself is taking a message, in my case typing it into the computer, and you give me your phone number, SLOW THE HELL DOWN. I will have to ask you 3, 4 or 5 times to repeat your number because you are trying to be Mario Andriette of the phone number world. And then for giving me the old, big sigh, you are wasting my time sound, to boot. Guess what you can do with your phone number people. Take this finger and dial someone that really cares....................................

To the freaking wind storm that decided Thursday would be a great day to blow into town. Right. Did you check with my hubby? No! Did he just have a dump truck load of dirt delivered on Wednesday Night? Yes! Do City Ordinances state that you can't have dirt, grass or rocks sitting in the street? Yes! And we all know what the HOA rules committee thinks about same said dirt sitting in the street. $cha-ching-$cha-ching. (Fine time baby). And did you make my hubby's lungs fill with said blowing dirt, and his eyes look like this, but even worse?

You suck. Take this flip, but you are also going to share the double flip with our next lucky people...........................

To stupid ass contractors that don't show up when they are supposed to. Dirt dude was supposed to show up, A WEEK AGO FRIDAY NIGHT. Did he? No. Did he call? No. Did hubby hire someone else? Yes, but he couldn't bring the dirt until, say it with me WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Therefore, causing hubby to have to work, in the wind, for the above flip-off.
But not only did the dirt dude not show up, the fence dudes didn't schedule enough time to finish the fence. This was monday. Oh and they didn't know they had to do "this", even tho they HAD to submit their plans to the HOA committee. Said plans say exactly what you were supposed to do, written up by none other than yourself. Back to the scheduling problem. Did they come back the next day? NO! We over-scheduled. We can't come back till next week. NEXT FREAKING WEEK. Are you kidding me. And you want how much of our money? So all you incompetent, piece of dog poop contractors that are begging for work, get hired, and then are from the planet stupid, here is the double flip off award of the week. Oh, it looks so good as a hood ornament on your vehicles.
There, had to be done.
Now to this weeks big kiss award. This week it is going to my almost 3 year old granddaughter, Miss A. She loves to sing and she's not afraid to sing for the camera. She makes her grammie's heart just feel a little flutter in it. She did performed this for me Thursday night. So without further ado, Miss A.

So Cute!
The week is almost to an end. All I can say to that is, THANK GOD!