Monday, August 9, 2010

My Great BlogHer Adventure

Whew, BlogHer is now over. I feel like I have been to hell and back. I know you all have been nervously awaiting my report. Well, sit back, take your shoes off, grab your favorite drink and enjoy.

Friday August 6th

5:45 am Pulled my sorry butt out of bed. Headed to the toilet, did my business, hurried and showered, brushed my teeth, got all pretty and then the fun began

6:10 am Grabbed my camera and headed out the door.

(Didn't want to miss pictures of all the "powerful" people.)

7:00 am Head for my first seminar. "Making Coffee, The Do's and Don'ts"

8:00 am Next seminar, "Answering Phones with a Pleasant Voice, and other Monstrosities"

11:00 am Break for Lunch

Today's special: Chili Verde Burrito

1:00 pm Longest seminar of the day, "Paperwork and Why we Love it"

4:00 pm Leave for Dinner Parties

Saturday August 7th

9:00 am Time to hit the Swag Party sponsored by Wal*Mart. Oh look at this giveaway, a dorito chip. What have we here, oh good, a taste of apple juice. I needed that after the dorito. Oh joy, we have hit the motherload. A taste of ice cream. Woot-woot

11:00 am Lunch, sponsored by Leftovers. First come, first served.

1:00 pm Today's Seminar "Vegging, It's What Makes the World Go Round"

4:00 pm Last Seminar I will be attending. "Blogging. The Things We Say And Do"

6:00 pm Party of the Evening. "Babysitting the Grandkids. 101 Ways to Have Fun during The Sleepover"

Sunday August 8th

7:30 am Time to get up and head for home. Oh wait, I am home.

And that my dear friends and foes, is what I did during the BlogHer Convention.