Monday, August 23, 2010

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

Oops, I mean Dazee & Pam's. It really felt as tho we were Romy & Michele. But we were cool, just like them.

We get there, go in, go to the "get your name tag" table. Put them on. Notice the ever beautiful culprit. She is the one that twisted my arm so hard to go.

Don't ya love how they fit right nicely over the boob. Oh yeah.

Did the walk around the halls. Checked out the cafeteria where many a food fight was.
Checked out the table of students that have died since we graduated. So, so sad.

Sheila was one of the few people that talked to us. And she had the most grandchildren of all of us that were there. 10. I can't imagine having that many at my young age. :)

As when we were in school, all the "cool" kids sat up front. I have to say, I thought the guys were a lot nicer. And they changed the most. The one dude I had a crush on, yikes, thank goodness nothing ever happened there.

The women were too uppity for my blood. Oh, and this saying was my favorite. "My kids still go here". Oh isn't that nice. They are going to be snobs just like you. Sweet.

Then this girl/woman showed up. Oh she was dressed to the max (even tho it was casual, so I'm in capris), had a fashion purse, and of course, we couldn't put our name tag on top of the boob, we had to put it under the boob. Take a look at her yearbook picture. Then take a look at the other 2. She was the only one there that didn't look as old as the rest of us.
There was a girl that used to live across the street from me. Her parents and my parents are still good friends, even tho my parents have moved. She was walking by, not looking at people, and I called out her name. She got all excited and said she would come back later to "chat" when her husband left. She finally made it back. We were talking. Her cousin went to the same school and just happened to be sitting at my table. I was telling her how I was now the black sheep of my family. She kept asking why. I told her that I just didn't conform to the rest of them, and that I had gotten tattoos. You would have thought I told her that I had been killing people left and right. She turned her back to me and started talking to her cousin and his wife.
Am I glad I went? Yes. Shocker huh. I'm glad because it proved to me that some people just don't change.
Am I glad that I didn't go on a huge "must lose as much weight as possible" diet. Hell to the yes. Because, I would have done it to gain acceptance. I don't need their acceptance. I have my husband, my kids that I love more than life itself, and grandkids that accept me for me. Will I ever go again. No. Even if the culprit tries to force me. I don't need to be around stuffy, I'm too good to talk to you kind of people.
I get enough of that every day.