Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting To Know Me 8.21.10

I'm working on my Reunion post, but to keep you going, and giving you your Dazee Fix, some more crap you really could care less about knowing about me. Plus, I have only come up with one fabulous question for my own meme of What's Your Answer, so I decided to play along with Mannland5, cuz their questions were cool this week. ps, please email me your off the wall, not normal questions to put on my meme. Just click on "contact me" on the top of the page for my email address. If you don't I might just have to enlist the help of the Royal Family to come hurt you.

Getting to know YOU

1. If you could host a Reality TV show, which one would it be?
I'd have to say The Amazing Race because they have to win the thing. No one to vote them out, no one to get into an alliance with. If I were hosting one of the other ones, I'm sure they would not like me by the time it was over because of my say it like it is attitude.

2. Do you put your seatbelt on before or after you start the car?
I put it on before I start the car. Seatbelt, check, glasses, check, swig of water, check, lip gloss, check. Start your engines.

3. Shave or hair removal cream?

4. What's your favorite feature in a house?
My little nook off the master bedroom. It is my relaxing room. Computer, comfy reading chair. aaaahhhh

5. What is your favorite "Fall" scent?
Fresh cool air.

6. What tv show are you looking forward to seeing the most this Fall??
Do you really need to ask. Criminal Minds (hi lover), NCIS, Bones. Need I go on.

7. Personal Shopper or Personal Chef?
Personal Chef all the way.

8. What comes to mind when you think of "Fall"?
Cooler weather, holidays on the way.

Off to bbq some steaks. A bit jealous, aren't you.