Saturday, August 21, 2010

Show Me Saturday - Pet Peeves

I'm linking up once again with Renee at Renee's Ramblins Show Me Saturday. Today's topic is Pet Peeves. If you have any pet peeves you would like to share, link on up with her. She would love it.

Renee's Ramblings

My first pet peeve of the day is people that think they are so much better than you. You've seen them. They stick their nose up in the air, walk on by, and pretend they didn't even see you. I don't have time for those types of snobs, but, karma. Nuff said.

My next one is people that chew with their mouth open, smacking their lips, showing you all the disgusting crap going on in their mouth. If I wanted to see food, I'd go to Red Lobster. Just sayin.

Snot Rockets. I have just one word for them. Freaking yuk. Ok, that was 2 words, but hey. It's called Kleenex. Use it, and NOT IN MY VICINITY. I can see you outside my window Steve. David Beckham, not so sexy now, is he.

People, especially girls, that look like this and the first word out of their mouth is, I'm so fat. I'd like to take their skinny little bodies and swat them like a fly. I'm fat. I own it. I should go around saying, "I'm so skinny". Hell, I'm just going to go with that answer the next time someone says that to me. (you know I will)

Those are just a few. But for your reading enjoyment, when I just started out in the blogging world, I wrote a couple of posts. You can read my rant about People That Are Scared and my first Pet Peeve Post if you know what's good for you want.

Now, I must get ready for the high school reunion. :)