Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rainbows & Unicorns

Unicorns and Rainbows. You didn't think I could do it, did ya? Dazee, writing about something sweet? Well, as you can see, I found the perfect picture.

A rainbow, spewing out of the mouth of a unicorn. Yup, me on one of my "don't mess with me" kinds of days. Hey, I have them. Wouldn't that be awesome if I could turn into a unicorn spewing a rainbow, running down the freeway during a road rage. Think of the crashes I would cause. bwaa haa haa.

This would be me on one of my nice days. Ok, they come on the weekend cuz I'm not with the guys at work, but they do happen. My oldest granddaughter love unicorns. So actually, when I think of them, I think of her. And this is the kind of girl she reminds me of. Sweet, and beautiful.

This song always comes to my mind when I think of unicorns. It is from the 1985 movie Legend. It is called Touched By The Sun. The movie itself it kind of weird, but I always loved the clothes that the female star wore. There is a badass Devil in this movie. Tom, the puke, Cruise is in it but I will forgive the casting agents on that. I love this song. It actually makes me feel good. Don't know why. I guess because we all want the fairytale ending.

I've got to get my mean face back on. Its so unlike me to be sweet. Unless I'm being sweet sassy molassy.