Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Whew, That's Finally Over!

How was your day? Mine you ask? It was NICE. So nice in fact, that by 5:00 PM MST, I was a little bit overcome by the sweet juices flowing in my body, and almost threw up a little in my mouth.

You say you want a play by play of the day? Hope you have a good drink handy, cuz I was BORING. But the biggest majority of you wanted me to go 12 hours, so here is just a short synopsis.

Driving to work this morning. Singing a happy little tune in my head. No idiot drivers this morning. That's a switch.

Get to work. Phones start ringing. Off....the.......hook...........
Said to my cousin, whom I was on my cell phone with
"I'm so glad that the phones are ringing" (did you hear that sweet, dripping off those words)
Wanted to say: "Would you damn phones stop ringing for a second. Can't you see I'm on a personal call!!!"

Yesterday I went and got my hair colored and cut for the big ole 35 year high school reunion on Saturday. Tell Evette that I want "chunks of blond mixed in with the red" Kept looking at my hair last night going. hmmm, I can hardly see the blond. Decided to take the advice I always give others. Called her this morning.
What I said: "Hi Evette. You know, looking at my hair, I can hardly see the blond."
What I wanted to say: "Evette, what the hell girlfriend. When I said "chunks", I wanted to see the damn blond. Geez"
Thank goodness, I like her, she had me come right in and now I have blond. Woo Hoo. Also learned the difference between "weave" and "slice". Yup. I'm much smarter now.

Driving back to work after my "early lunch", I was on the home stretch. Got off the freeway and headed under the overpass. Was in the right lane, which, if you are going west and want to go south on the freeway, you need to be in the far right lane. Dude was in the lane next to me. Was coming upon the light. Hurried and put his signal on, (thanks at least for that), and darted in front of me, over to the right turn lane.
What I said: "You silly rat."
What I wanted to say: "OMG, you freaking rat bastard. What the hell was that all about!"

I found out I could do it, but I was getting so depressed by the time I got home. I couldn't be my sarcastic self. I'm not mean, unless you totally piss me off, but some people take sarcastic as mean so I just played the nice card.

Just a few BORING examples of my day. I do have to say tho. Mike, who sits outside my office, was doing all in his power to make me be mean. ALL......DAY......LONG. But I didn't fall for his shenanigans. Oh no, I was sweet, but tomorrow, Dear Michael, is another day!!!!!! You had better be afraid, VERY AFRAID!!!!