Saturday, August 14, 2010

Show Me Saturday - Weirdo

Linking up with Renee at Renee's Ramblings again. Today's show me is Weirdo's. Oh, let me tell you I have a good one for that. Anyweirdo, click on her button and go over and give her some love. LINK UP. You all know there is a weirdo or two that you know, and she would love some links.

Renee's Ramblings

Today's featured weirdo, drumroll please, dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum is....................

The one, the only, DAZEE!!!!!

I know, you are all shocked that I would choose myself as the weirdo. But you know, I'm weird. I embrace it. I have gone through the 12 step program of weirdness, and passed with flying colors.

First off, the picture is of girls day when my cwason came for a visit. This was the day that we went and got her hair colored and cut, as you can be reminded of the "weird" time we had there by watching the video on this post .

But now I'm really going to prove to you how weird I really can be.

Yesterday, once again, the boys weren't answering their phone calls. So I started using my "surfer dude" talk. (because last week I did my sexy girl talk and I couldn't use that one again). I even used it when typing them a message to call someone back. My favorite one was to the manager that went like this.

"Dude, it would be like, totally radical, if you would like, call "owner", when you get an minute. Like, it would be totally awesome."

Yup, I did that, and I'm not sorry I did. And you know what. They were answering their phone calls like nothing flat. Just goes to show they get tired of hearing my boring voice day in and day out.

I also know that you all have weird questions pop into your heads. Admit it, embrace it. I do. Here are a few that have popped into my head.

A. (while sitting on the toilet) geez louise, how much poop can a body hold anyway?

B. (when having a head cold) where the hell is all this snot coming from? is it just floating around my brain, and exiting through my nose?

C. (when sitting at a red light, that finally turns green, 2,3,4,5 and so on cars behind the lead car) dude, the light is green, it's not going to get any greener if you water and fertilize it. Word to the driving public, if you are "1st in line" you best be watching that light turn green just like the race car dudes do. Got it, now go practice.!!!!!

See, I'm weird. But in a good way. I have other sayings, mostly that I've learned from my hubby (Number C included), but I will save them for the appropriate post.

ps: I've decided that Tuesday, August 17th will be my 12 hours of nice. Wish me luck