Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Six 8.7.10

Oh goodness. I'm such a sucker for the questions. Especially if they are different and off the wall. This is my first time I'm linking up with Ashlee from LoveCommaAshlee , and with Jana from Boobies, Babies & A Blog. Their questions were fun, and I just know that you want to hear yet more about me than you already do. Right?

1.) Tell us one nasty habit you have--we all know you have one!
I fart. A lot. I think its heriditary. I really try to not fart in front of others, but when I'm alone, watch out Mt. St. Helens.

2.) You are able to hire one of the following-which is it? Maid, Chef, Gardener.
Easy Peasy. A chef. I so want to be a judge on those food challenge shows. Or have taste a vision. With their hands reaching out through the tv and giving me a taste. I want someone that will cook it and clean it up. It would only have to be a couple of days a week.

3.) Would you sacrifice one of your fingers for half a million dollars?
Half a million is really not that much. Now 2 million, maybe.

4.) Tell us how your husband popped the question? (If you're not married how would you want someone to pop the question?)
My husband proposed on Christmas. A huge box was under the tree. It was a freaking heavy sucker. Christmas morning came and I was opening it up. What the hell is this. First there was one of his coats. Then a bunch of his other stuff, like tools and books and crap. I'm pulling things out left and right thinking, ok, so he couldn't think of anything to give me. I get to the bottom of the box, and there is a note that read "sometimes the best things in life can be found in the pockets of old coats". I grabbed the coat, dug in the pockets and found a ring box. When I opened it he had cut out a little heart and written on it, will you marry me? Oh, I love that man. That was 32 years ago this Christmas.

5.) Is there anyone that has ever done you so wrong that you just can't forget or forgive all?
Wow, this one is kind of hard. I try not to harbor bad feelings. It depresses me. So I usually let it go. I won't ever talk to someone that has wronged me again. And if I were to see them in public and HAD to walk past them, I would probably stomp on their foot, I have seen a few sporatically, and get the worst sick to my stomach feeling ever.

6.) Do you believe that people should wait until marriage to have sex? Why or why not?
I think if that is what you WANT to do, then by all means wait. But I don't think it is the end of the world if you do, even tho I was raised to think it was just wrong. I think its a good thing to know if you are compatible. Hell, I know a couple that didn't even freaking kiss till their wedding day! WTF, there is no way in hell I'm marrying anyone I haven't kissed. What if they are the worst kissers in the whole world. Of course, if you've never kissed anyone, then you wouldn't know. And yes, my hubby was a great kisser. It was love at first kiss. (sorry kids TMI I know)

Weren't these great questions. And forgive me, but I just farted.