Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tears, Toenails and Tongues

Out of my way, my homework is late.  Miss Jenny is going to be mad if I don't get it there pronto.  

Our assignment today is all about the letter

First I thought I would write about
But ummm, no

How about
Ummmmm, gross, that is just all sorts of wrong.

How about
Tongue Piercings
Can you say ouch.

Finally, after much thought I have decided on

As you can see, I have a crystal ball in my office.  The story of how I got it goes like this.  Many moons ago, when I did more purchasing than I do now, I would always get asked this.

"Why didn't you bring in more of this item, THAT WE HAVE NOT SOLD MUCH OF IN THE PAST?"
My smartass answer,
"Because I don't have a crystal ball".
One day one of the reps came in with the above crystal ball.  The story goes with the black crystal is that you have to hold a clear crystal in your hands while looking into the black one with the question on your mind.

Because I never have peace and quiet, and about a half hour, I never can "get anything".  But its a conversation starter.

How does this involve the word Telepathy?

Do you believe in telepathy?  Some people don't.  I myself do.  Is it a sixth sense?  Maybe.  Is it just a feeling?  Another maybe.  Religious people will say it is the holy spirit telling you something.  Could be that too.  

I have had "warnings" of things that are going to happen.  I think it is to prepare myself.  Like when my grandfather passed away.  Or my daughters friends were killed in a car accident.  

How about when you are in your car and just "feel" like the car in front of you has an awful presence in it?  I have to admit that I have been in those situations way too often to  just past them off as me being stupid.  When your heart starts pounding in your chest, and you can't breathe, there is something to it.  I admit, I stare and stare at the license plates of these cars just in case I hear a report of that car being involved in something.  You know, so I can do my civic duty and be hypnotized to recall the plate.  What?  You think I'm going to remember it otherwise.  Surely you jest.

I'm not saying I can predict the future.  I can't.  I can't tell you where the bodies are buried.  I don't talk to the dead.  If I did, I wouldn't be working for pennies.  I would be on the TV circuit.  Making millions.  

Jenny Matlock

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