Friday, July 2, 2010

You Know You're Having Too Much Fun When.....

Been hangin' with my cousin this week. One of the things she wanted to do while she was here was get her hair trimmed and touched up on the color. This time we decided to go with some red, blond and lighter brown highlights. Of course, when they highlight your hair, you get this fabulous look. (she's such a good sport, smiles and everything)

When the worker bees at the salon left the room, it was just her and I. My daughter went with us too, but she was at the Quilt Store next door. Being that we can't do anything without being goofs, she started "vogueing".

This girls cracks me up like no other. Here she is in her dead pharaoh pose. Notice the unlifelike look she has going. (oh, but we were laughing our butts off so we had to take a quick picture during a non laughing moment)
Worker bees are still in the back doing whatever they do when they aren't working on customers. Amber, her stylist, told her she could get up and walk around. Oh dear, those words should have never have been spoken to the two of us. I present to you, our version of "Walk Like An Egyptian".

Omg, my gut hurts.

Here is her finished look. If you ever want to go get your hair done, and have some entertainment, give us a call. We work cheap. :)

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