Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear...... 1.11.11


 Hello all you Tuesday lovers.  What, you don't like Tuesdays?  I love them, because it means it's time for our Dear..... letters.  Play along if you would like.  Just remember to grab the code for the little button over there and link on up. 
Dear Winter.  I have written a little poem just for you.  Read it and weep.
Winter please just go away
I can't stand you, this I say
Notice my big ugly face
Telling you to leave with grace
Every year it is the same
Roll on out, no need for fame.
 Dear Snot.  Just where are you hiding when you are not being a cold?  This is an age old question that really boggles my mind.  Could you please go back to wherever that is.  Thanks.
Dear Carpal Tunnel.  Thank you so much for making your presence known yesterday.  Between the temperatures in the teens, my diabetes, and you, I was hurting kind of bad.  Please don't come visit today.  I would really appreciate it.

Dear Dazee's Work Email.  I don't know if you have noticed, but I am a woman.  Always have been, always will be.  When you send myself emails telling me that I can get viagra at an awesome price, I get cornfused.  Is there something you are trying to tell me?
Dear Baby Sister and Renee.  Thank you so much for linking up each week.  You two make it possible for me to keep this link going.  It's too bad that other people just haven't found out how much fun these Dear..... letters are.  When my ship comes in, you gals are first on my list.  Oh wait, I live in Utah, there is no ocean here.  Dang, I guess my ship won't be making it anytime soon.
Dear New Glasses.  Please get here soon.  I'm super excited to wear you. "See" you later.  PS:  I just totally cracked myself up just now.
Dear Guys At Work.  Did you not notice I had a different color hair yesterday?  Just wondering.
Dear People Reading This Blog.  Link on up.  It's fun. 

Until next week.