Tuesday, January 18, 2011



I don't know about the rest of you, but this last week went fast.  Seems like just yesterday I was doing my Dear...... letters. 

If you don't know what Dear...... letters are, they are letters to anyone, good or bad.  Just a little way to tell others how we are feeling.  If you want to join along, grab the Dear..... code over there on the side, and link on up. 

Let us begin.

Dear Dazee.   When digging in your purse for your keys, always look in your hand before shouting out your joy of finding them.  Your bluetooth charger will not start your car.  Just sayin.

Dear Scaryman.  You and I have not had a good week with your nose.  Yes you have been doing good to not do your snot rockets where I can see you do it.  No, standing out of my window view does not mean I can't hear you do them, I most certainly can.  But by far the worst thing you did this week was walk around like a little kid with you snot hanging down almost to your mouth.  What part of sick and wrong do you not understand?

Dear Justin Bieber.  What the hell is up with your hair?  Please stop it already.  Now I have to see other young boys doing the same look.  It looks like a bad case of hair dyslexia.  Try something new.  Thanks.

Dear Clear Plastic Wrap.  I think they should use you as a torture device.  I love that you will stick to the bowls, but it would really be nice if you would please, oh please, not stick to yourself once you are torn from the roll.   The swear words coming out of my mouth are not a pretty sound. 

Yes, a picture for your viewing pleasure
Dear Stapling Fools At Work.  I can see one, maybe two, staples to hold together the packing slips and receivers.  32 staples is a bit much.  Yes, I started taking them out with my awesome staple remover, but I just had to prove to my people that you are not concerned about the staple population.  Not only that, but it took 20 minutes for me to get them all out.  Please enroll in Staplers Anonymous. 

Dear Cake Wrecks.  You rock.  Your blog is so much fun.  I can't even go to a bakery anymore without hoping beyond all reason that there is a cake wreck I can send you.  The best thing I did this year was buy your calendar.  I crack up every week when I change it at work.  You make my day.

Dear Miss L and Mr C.  I am so proud of both of you for taking first place in your Inspirations contest at school.  You both came up with such good ideas all by yourselves.  Good luck at District this week.  I know you are going to do well.