Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 1.16.10

    This weeks prompts were hard.  OK, they are all hard because I'm just little ole Dazee.  But Ashley at Ramblings and Photo's has faith in all of us that we can do it.  Thanks for the faith Ashley.
    A Different View
    I had to use two photos this week for this prompt.  My cool nephew Carl works at Kennecott Copper Mine here in Utah.  He gets to drive one of those huge trucks down into the mine.  I cheated and asked him to get me the photos since, well, mere humans like me are not allowed in the mine.  The photo above is from his window looking down into the mine
    I fell in love with the photo below the minute I saw it.  It is taken on top of the mine looking down into the Salt Lake valley.  This is a different view.  One that a lot of us don't ever get to witness.
    Looking Up
    For this prompt I pulled Mike, one of the guys I work with, kicking and screaming, out into the warehouse.  Threatened him with bodily harm asked him nicely if he would get on the cherry picker and go to the very top shelf on one of the aisles so I could get a photo looking up.  What a good sport.  Me, my heart would have been pounding a thousand beats per minute.  I'm terrified of heights if I don't have any walls around me.
    I had to look abstract up on just so I would really know what I could get away with for this prompt.  Way to make me use what little brain cells I have left Ashley.
    I love this photo I took of my cousin April's hair.  I love how all the colors that were used are so vibrant.  And yes, that is natural curl you see. 
    One of the hardest prompts I had this week.  Hell, they were all hard.  But my thinking cap was missing so I just came up with a couple of pieces of half eaten candy.  Yeah, it was awful for me having to make them into half pieces too.  :)
    Now, if I can do this, you guys can do this.  Try it, you will be hooked.
    Next weeks prompts:
    1. Memories
    2. Silhouette
    3. Doorway(s) 
    4. Reflection 
    5. Silver